.Touched RBXScriptSignal seems to be delayed

Instead of using a touched event use ray casting. Have a ray constantly firing down from the player to see if it hits your part. If it hits the required part, fire a remote event. You will have to set up a denounce system for this to work properly.


That is a very bad solution and I am not going to use it. Like I said before, this topic is closed. I am going to report the bug to Roblox.

Then you should use .magnitude.

I don’t believe this is a bug, it’s likely that it’s due to your animations. You should try using a slightly bigger (invisible, if you so desire) part that is not CanCollide for detecting when a player touches the ground as your character will sink into the part, so your animations won’t keep you slightly above the brick (and technically not touching it.)

I’d also recommending doing the detection on the client, and then telling the server that the player hit the ground, as it’ll be more accurate.

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The network ownership is already nil, and I already said I will report this to Roblox.