[Touhou Game] Any ideas on how to do this?

I’m making a Touhou game and I need to do Sakuya attacks, does anyone know how I can do this? Clip from: Soulshatters
I made a circular model, knife by knife, and when using the attack the script applied visibility to the knives in numerical order, but the effect was not so good.

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If you want to make a perfect circle from a code you should dive into sin, cos, and π.
You have examples of making circle from lua code in roblox here

If that didin’t help you should add some of your videos so I could see where is the problem.
Because from what you said I think that problem lies in manual knife animating.


Okay I’ll read it and try if something goes wrong I’ll ask you.

I found this article is I think it can help me ty for help.
(Generating Block Circles)