Tower Defense: Enemy glitching on the ground

The best part is that half of these answers are entirely incorrect and the others do not apply to this code.

I personally stopped using chatGPT entirely because it never helps, idk why its so bad, but it is what it is

You just copied and pasted the topic into ChatGPT. There is NO effort whatsoever, and OP could have done it easily. OpenAI accounts are easy to make.

Your “help” does not count because you did not use your own brain. You simply PASTED THE TOPIC into ChatGPT. The purpose of DevForum was always for community support, not support from other people’s OpenAI accounts. I could understand using ChatGPT for complementing your responses, but you literally just hit CTRL C, V twice.

It has been a while, but this is just an update. I did try setting the model to massless, but that did not fix the issue. I’m pretty sure it was an offset issue.

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