Tower Defense Game - Troubleshooting Wonky / Glitchy NPC Movement

I tried increasing the lerp to 1 to try and make it as smooth so the teleportation isn’t very noticeable but it still looks a bit desynced. I’m open for ideas please and thank you

TWX1.wmv (2.4 MB)
So I took a look at how Tower Defense X deal with corners and split up enemies, and it seems like they take in the curviture at which the enemies move and depending the curviture, they slow down the enemy / speed it up / keep it as the same speed. How do they calculate the curviture then slow them down?

I can’t figure out what are they doing exactly?

All TD units usually travel at a constant speed, the question is, what’s the solution? Offsetting the nodes? Changing their speeds?

Hi, what is the current problem?

Here’s the most updated version:

prototypeMain21_CurvitureTesting.rbxl (102.1 KB)

Essentially, there’s a slight desync of about 0.5 seconds - 1 second from the server and client, I don’t really know if it matters but I would like to know your opinion. Also, as the NPCs move, sometimes the NPCs behind the front NPCs catch up to the ones infront of, although they all move at a constant speed. It has something to do with the corners which make the units travel more then they should.

If you take a look at the example above from Tower Defense X, they somehow made it so units slow down at the corners but then speed up quickly to catch up with the rest.

I don’t know if anyone has talked about this yet but have you tried setting networkownership to nil?

Yeah, we talked about it above