Transparent Part Issue

I’m trying to make a realistic map for someone who’s hired me. The issue though, is that the river in the map has multiple twists and turns, and I’ve had to cut it into pieces. This river is an animated brick, so I can’t union it. I was thinking I should just obstruct this weird area, but I can’t figure out how to make it seem natural. I’ve tried turning the shadows off for the brick, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. (I can’t turn global shadows off because lighting is important, but it doesn’t change anything either.)
Here are some screenshots:



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Try making the entire river one part instead of multiple, this should get rid of the issue.

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Why don’t you just use one big brick…?

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I can’t do that, a lot of the map has underground tunnels that lead into the animal dens. I need an alternative.

If the part only goes as deep as the river is, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Make it a giant brick then use negative unions to cut holes where the dens and tunnels will be?

Would making the material glass fix it?


Yes, changing the material to glass probably fixes it, but it would give you a lot of other things to worry about such as the surface that the glass material has. Attached is a picture of two glass blocks and as you can see, the edge in the middle is not visible.


I would try and unioning the bricks together. The water is Probobly not solid also so it won’t interfere with your cave systems.

I thought the entire point of their question was that the edge shouldn’t be visible between the parts?

I do agree however that using glass isn’t optimal, but it should hide the edges that they’re having issues with. It would probably be best to use a mesh part that covers the entire surface.

Yes, that is the point of their question. That’s also why I mentioned that the two glass blocks together don’t have a visible edge in the middle, meaning it would solve their issue. I did however want to mention the problems that the glass material comes with, such as the surface details.

@kanapuro an option for you would be to export the water parts to Blender as an OBJ file and then joining them together in Blender. You can do this by pressing CTRL + J, once you’ve done so, go into edit mode by pressing tab and then delete all doubles by pressing ALT + M and selecting the merge by distance option. This should fix any bad modelling practices. After you’ve done that, I would check the water and see if you don’t have any faces on the inside. If you do have those, go into face select mode (by pressing 3 on your keyboard) and delete them.

Note: You could probably do this in ROBLOX in some way, but I wouldn’t know how to and I generally find Blender easier to work with in regards to unions and boolean operations.

I’ve already said this and I guess I gotta say it again.
I cannot union or change the shape of the brick because it has a moving texture and whenever I do that it doesn’t work. My map has multiple caves, and I can’t just use one brick to cover all of the river because that would flood the caves. Again, any types of unions will not work, nor will changing the shape of the parts, because it was made to move.
So I can’t:

  • Union in any form.
  • Change the shape from anything but a rectangle.
  • Use only one brick.
  • Turn global shadows off.
    So the reason of this post is to ask, how do I get rid of the shadow where the two transparent bricks meet.

Have you thought about using custom mesh parts in blender (where you would put all of the parts you have now into blender to fix the issues), or tried using the glass material to hide the shadow/edge?

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This worked, thank you. There are a few issues that can easily be hidden/fixed but it removed the shadow. ^^!

Video of the new part:

Hey, glad it worked for you! Please make sure to mark it as solution.

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