Trees not rendering

So anyways I created a map with some trees and saved it to my Toolbox. But, for some reason, when I open the map in the main game, the trees don’t render. I’m not sure if this is a bug but here are some pics.
with trees(i’ll fix the floating trees later)

no trees

Please let me know if this is just a bug or something went wrong on my end. Thank you!

Are the tree’s unions, if so they may have become corrupt. If you believe they have become corrupt try reading this tutorial.

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yeah the trees are unions and i think they got corrupted. where’s the tutorial?

edit: ok got it

I would avoid using unions for certain shapes or detailed builds this could be created with using normal parts if you want keep your unions you could convert it into a mesh. This is most likely a known issue and it’s already been brought up in other several topics including problems regarding this issue.

You could use the tutorial linked above to recover your union. I wouldn’t recommend using unions for complex shapes as it could be recreated with using ‘normal parts and meshes’. Consider doing a quick search around just to view existing threads with simple solutions in recovering your union other threads related to your issue. Invisible unions:

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great point! probably because of this, i might just make my trees on blender.