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Staff Information

Ovations! This post is about the staff information, this information is very important if you wanna start your journey here at Tropicly. :pushpin:



Grammar & Professionalism
In our establishment all of our staff members are required to use proper grammar and professionalism. We take strict action against the people who does use them.

Dress Code
As a staff member you must be dressed properly. No troll outfits, sexist outfits, and so on.

We want every staff member to be respectful against our customers/staff this is pretty self explaining.

Warning System
For our lovely trollers out there, they only get 2 warnings in our establishment.
We do not allow exploiting here at Tropicly. So if you see anyone exploiting please report this to a SHR.

Greeting Customers
If any of the customer comes up to you, while behind the register. You must use a proper greeting, Example: Hello! My name is Tris, how may I help you on this wonderful day? If you don’t use a proper greeting you will be prompted to use one, failing on not doing so will get you demoted.

Promotion Guide

Trainee - Junior Juicer: Attend a training
Junior Juicer - Juicer: 325 Points
Juicer - Senior Juicer: 750 Points
Senior Juicer - Staff Assistant: Attend a shift

Hand-To System

Here at Tropicly we use the Hand-To system by TheFurryFish. In order to use this system you need to you equip the item. After that press H on your keyboard. On mobile and tablet you need to press the button at the top of your screen. Type the username in of the customer and press enter to give it to them.


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