Trying to make an animated graph/chart

I’d like to make an animated chart/graph like this one, that connects smoothly and updates quickly. Any ideas?

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Use beams or trails.

Very simple, mark this as the solution if it helped!

I’m tryina make it on a gui though so the gui updates and moves according to a value in repstorage

Hmm. Well tweening would work.

yea but im trying to figure out how to connect it smoothly like in the gif.

Yeah, I don’t know.

  1. Use tweening and time it right.

  2. Make a viewport of a beam (probably won’t work)
    (Also I should suggest posting your own ideas, so we can improve or tell you if they are impossible.)

Boatbomber made a graph module awhile ago that does this, have a look:

k also I have a second question, I’m trying to line up the y pos of two things but one of em is in a frame, how can I calculate it so that they’re lined up even with the frame changing the size and relative pos of one.

You could try setting the AnchorPoint to 0, 1 and the position to 0,x,0,1 where X is the amount of pixels to be offset from the bottom

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also for getting it like off the graph like in the gif how should it be done so that it actually moves all at once?

and also how would I angle it properly