Trying to make symbols spawn in a random position inside a frame

I tried this but they all spawned in one cornor.

They will spawn according to the size of the parent frame/ui object. Folders wont work!

I need them to spawn randomly in the parents position.

From what I see in your script, all the symbols are inside a folder. Is that right?

Yes, you are right should I move them to a different parent?

Yes, create another frame with background transparency 1 or parent them to a different frame/UI object. This script wont work for folders, as they do not have a size, neither are they actual UI objects

I tried moving them into a frame but they all didn’t show on the screen when I need them to show only inside the frame.

Check the output? Maybe your object directory in the script is wrong.

There is no errors in the output

Thank you @vxsqi and @creepersaur I manged to figure it out by combing both of your scripts so thank you.