[TUTORIAL CLOSED] How to make a Game Protection System

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This tutorial was stopped being updated, and the new code made is out of date. Please private message @achdef on the DevForum for more informations.


The rest is coming soon. Hope to see you at this moment!

Just what I was looking for! I was planning on finding a way to make a Ban Blacklist for my game.

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Nice. I am fixing votes. Hope to see you voting on here!

This is quite basic, and there’s many tutorials about banning, but please try to put your code into code blocks to make it more readable.


Don’t classify this as hate comment, but I believe this statement is a bit redundant. Rephrased: “If you give a negative review, I’ll delete my contribution”

Hate comments are indeed just looking to cause damage, but negative reviews and criticism can have positive impacts! You actually want to keep improving your contribution, not just listen to thankful reviews (that gets boring over time :see_no_evil:)

Just a little word of advice, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Really nice post, written in a very fun style, my daughter will love playing around with this! I’m sure she’ll ban me from her games at first opportunity :grin:

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I think you should of at least added a way to add more users to the banned players list, otherwise you would have to edit the script in studio multiple times and shutdown running games for changes to take effect.

This tutorial has a much better implementation:

Getting criticism that is negative doesn’t automatically imply hate. You shouldn’t be taking feedback personally because that is what would guide you to make better posts in the future.

Nice tutorial shows how to make a basic server sided protection system but I don’t think banning is a solution they will come back and you will gain alot of hate because false positives. So you would teleport exploiter back to their position

It’s nice, and very basic (lots of room for expansion)

The main glaring problem is it’s all manually edited in studio, meaning it’s not an anticheat, you can’t ban people ingame, and you’d need studio access to ban anyone at all.

(Also, you could have formatted it into code blocks for slightly easier reading in my opinion)



This tutorial has been closed.