Tween not replicating to client from server

This time, I am not sure what the deal really is, I attempt to tween the orientation of a part inside a server script.

Example (CLIENT):

Example (SERVER):

This is the code (server script)

		local aura = script.Aura:Clone()
		local m6d ="Motor6D")
		m6d.Part0 = chr.HumanoidRootPart
		m6d.Part1 = aura.PrimaryPart
		m6d.Parent = aura.PrimaryPart
		aura.PrimaryPart.Anchored = false
		aura.Parent = chr
		ts:Create(aura.C,,{Orientation =,0,1500)}):Play()

Any ideas?

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This is probably a strange character replication bug. Random stuff like this happens to me a lot when working with characters.

You could most-likely fix this by doing the tweening on the client instead, which is actually better practice and will help with performance.

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That’s unfortunate, that will complicate my other code cause I don’t really mind player performance right now but whatever.

This module makes it extremely easy. You can basically keep all your code as-is:


Uhuh, i’ll definitely try that.