TweenPosition visibility problem when rotated

I want the GUI object to come from off screen and slide onto it, but instead of it appearing as it enters the UI, but instead the entire thing seems to appear as soon as it would start appearing.

After some testing, I realize that this is similar to the problem scroll frames have, clipping descendants not working when rotated or something?

Is there any workaround for this? My only idea so far is just to make it into an image label with the rotation built into it so it functional stays unrotated, but if there’s a simple way needing no work around, then do tell.

I had run into this problem a year or so back when trying out randomized rotations on SurfaceGui-based bullet-holes for some variety; they’d still hang off edges of part faces if they were rotated and ClipDescendants was on. Definitely a nitpick in my case, but it seems a lot more glaring of an issue in yours.

Back then I had run into this thread, and checking back recently it seems there was some kind of innovation in the form of CanvasGroups. I haven’t read into them too much, but they may be your solution. Do take note they are relatively costly with performance but with one GUI you will hopefully be fine.

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