TweenSequence Editor

is really useful but there should be some kind of autocomplete

Is ‘Position’ meant to be a stand in for UDim2 or something? Because whenever I try to set UDim2 as a property of my frame, it says it isn’t a property.

Also moving my frame around on different portions of the timeline doesn’t create/add new frames and I don’t know how to add them


Very cool! Thanks!! Although the

are broken. Not showing for me, 404 on giphy.

Amazing Plugin, this is so helpful!

I get this when a tracked property is changed. Also, it doesn’t add any keyframes when this happens.

@pa00 is there a way to increase the timeline size longer than 4 seconds? im trying to use this for a longer tween such as a vehicle (scrolling out maxes at 4 seconds)

You can hold middle mouse button and drag the timeline left or right.

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Hey, great plugin!
Was just wondering how I would just tween certain CFrame properties?

For example, I don’t need the X & Z properties of the Tween I made, because they will change (as the model will move)
So I guess my question really is, how would I make a Tween for a model (A base part, anchored, other parts welded to that base part) that gets moved around the map?

This plugin is so good! I am trying to make a GUI arrow, that points at various things, and tells the player what the button does.

However, I am not sure how to pause the tween. I have already created the tween, and the arrow does all the sequences. I want to pause the tween after it reaches its destination, until a button is pressed. Is there a way to do that?

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This plugin is great, i’ve been looking for a wait to tween motor6d easily for a long long time now, and this might just be what I’ve been looking for. On the side note, could someone tell me what SetOrigin() does to the track? I didn’t see it being mentioned in the API, thank you!

Hello everyone, i’ve recently got this error, i’m not sure what went wrong, could someone please help?

When I first saw this plugin I bought it in a few seconds. When I went to try it out, I got dissapointed of the way the exporting works. I thought it was gonna give me a script with all the tweens.

The weird module scripts and the fact that we need to keep those random module scripts in our instances for the tweens to work, is absolutely annoying.

What I expected of this plugin, was that it would simply create the tweens for us.

Another problem I have is that you can’t make the tween longer than 4 seconds… You really think there’s never gonna be a need for a 4+ seconds long animation?

I hope you take some of this into consideration of fixing. No offense, I love every other part of the plugin and it’s well made and an awesome idea!

The timeline is actually infinite, not four seconds. You can zoom out of the timeline using the scroll wheel. You can also drag the timeline left and right by clicking and holding the middle mouse button. I realize not everyone has a mouse and some people are on touchpads with no middle mouse button. It’s been a very long time since I touched this plugin but one of the most requested features has been a different way to scroll the timeline.

Can you give an example of what an exported script would look like in the format you’re looking for (a set of tweens)?

Oh, I didn’t notice you could use the middle wheel. Thanks for that!

I don’t know if it’s me but it still seems to be limited to around 64 seconds?

The way I expect the output/export to be is something like this:

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

TweenService:Create(object, info, properties):Play()


TweenService:Create(object2, info2, properties2:Play()

It’s completely fine if you have a different type of formatting, but the point is that it’s easy to just put in your script.

Same problem here; found a solution yet? Or I’mma just need to go back to usual scripting tweens HAHAHAHAHA

I don’t even remember what I had this problem with lmao

Anyway, I believe if you just edit its CFrame, and don’t touch the other coords of the instance you should be good to go

When trying to work with the TweenSequence Editor, I’m able to create animation as expected up to a certain point. For some reason, the editor becomes unresponsive, “Import” doesnt do anything and the interface becomes Garbled. I have tried re-installing, reloading the plugin, deleting the previously tweened assets and re-loading…etc…I’m wondering if this is an issue with anyone else?