Two questions, this site and ROBLOX

Is this forum still invite only? Or has this become the new ROBLOX forums since they removed the on site forums?

And also, where can I post suggestions for ROBLOX? I didn’t see the correct area for that.


This forum isn’t invite only, no.
A normal user can become a ‘Member’ (previously New Member) by using the forum often.

For more information:

As for posting suggestions, there are several sub-categories in Platform Feedback for that:


This is forum for developers , and here you can ask or answer all things about Dev .


And you can post suggestions under #platform-feedback. There are several Categories. Check them out and make sure to post it into the right one!


This forum is open for public, there’s an automatic system for promotion now. When visitors visit and use this forum regularly than a bot will promote you automatically.
Also, there’s a tag for platform feedbacks. #platform-feedback, use this tag when you post new feedback topics.

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