Ubuntu terminal

Yeah, that’s something I would add, my old terminal had commands with a file system. I’m pretty sure I can do it with the new UI.

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Perhaps make it respond to help first, and show a list of available commands. Then as you add new commands they will be available to players. Add some funny random ones in there for giggles.
I just thought that you could make a Linux IOI course

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Wow! This looks really cool.

I would 100% add a textbox or something so we could run commands.

Great job!

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But how would you execute the code? Like you’d need to check every single word and the use some system to perform an action using it.

This is amazing, however I do feel that the buttons should be a little bit bigger

Could use loadstring or rerubi.

You could just write a custom command system using ModuleScripts, since you can’t trust the client with server-side script execution

The actual Ubuntu terminal username is colored green.
Color it with the recently announced RichText for a more realistic look!

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I saw on a google image that it was white. Planning to change the color, infact I already used richtext for a type of replication of Ubuntu mono.

I do know, this is not for a game rather than just for a script builder project and I was bored.

It’s fine if you don’t want to, looks good regardless

Well, not white…


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Also yes, I’m planning to make a module for commands since it’s easier to organize it that way.

Isn’t LoadString for Lua? What’s “rerubi”?

Rerubi VM, and loadstring is for lua but it is still maintained in luau.

Along with all replies and feedback I’ve ended up with this.


Feedback is appreciated!


Also, excuse the textalignment, roblox doesn’t want to center the text correctly.

That looks fantastic. I really like what you are doing here. Even after having to manage too many rhel servers in the real world it looks a cool place to play

Looks realistic! Does it work?

Yeah, just showed a screenshot of the functionality.

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