UGC Concept #4 - Birthday Cap

This is my 4th UGC concept. If you haven’t seen the other ones then see them now! This is a textured mesh -

Try wearing it in an NPC!

Textured Mesh

Please give me feedback on how to improve it or what should I make next!

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Looks Like a regular Cap May be you should add sometin attractive like a stars or any texts

Yeah, but I designed that texture. But I won’t update this one, but I’ll update the next ones. Thanks for the feedback!

come on put negative option too. Don’t get me wrong, i think that birthday cap is good but its different for everyone

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Not Bad is a negative option. And if you think that’s worst than that then please reply. :slightly_smiling_face: And I don’t wanna hurt my mind!

Not Bad means it’s not bad, put something like “I don’t like it” etc, the thing is just a cone with a texture…

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It looks like a perfect cone, so its just not realistic.

Not bad! I kinda like the birthday cap you made. The texture looks a bit odd, but that is just me. I think you should try to make the texture better.

Now, that is embarrassing because you actually forgot to put more negative options! :joy:

Okay but next time, cause this time many people voted. I will add another option you said on my next UGC Concept.

I will add like, I don’t like it. Fine?

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