UGC Program: Expanding Creation and Monetization with Avatar Bodies and Heads

I use R6. Ive been active since 2017.

I see a mix of R6 and R15 in games.

Mostly Bacons/“eastons”, or kids with a bunch of promotional free items on. The older the users (2019-2020, pre-virus range), the more likely youre able to encounter R6.

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It is time.
Much better.


THE GRAY RIGS MUST RISE!!! spread the word by turning off “LoadCharacterAppearance” IN YOUR GAME!!!

Hi Creators,

We have updated our Documentation to include new examples, and additional language to clear up some of the questions and concerns you had regarding UGC Bodies & Heads.

Please take a look and continue to share feedback.

Thank you.


I have one main feedback which is regarding the modesty layers, Modesty layers ruin the compatibility with use of 2d clothing and thats something that literally everyone uses for outfits,

I feel like there should be a way to have it so modesty layer can be under 2d clothing so that people can still wear the 2d clothing they want but still have a modesty layer


Hi i’m tired of waiting this excessive time to get the ugc upload permissions. i’, pleading to get the permissions to finally upload my items by my own, it’s been a long time and i haven’t got ANY response from any support from roblox or developers relations

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There already is a modesty layer for 2D-clothing compatible bundles.
If you aren’t wearing any 2d clothing and your character uses the same skin color across their body, they’ll automatically receive a clothing item like in this image.

While I do agree with you completely, didn’t roblox specifically tell UGC creators not to make their bundles compatible with 2D clothing, or was the misinfo? (nvm I found the tweet) That’s probably why they never clarified that, as dumb as it is.

Please can u remove modest layers of cartoony bundle like blocky avatar

but most official roblox bundle don’t have modest layers (not rthro)

Initially, I thought UGC would be a good thing for the community. People would really be able to customize their avatars the way they want to without the roblox limitations. But now, it has gone too far. Seeing these ugly, broken, and knockoff items in the catalog is so disappointing and unprofessional. There really needs to be standards here. There are so many UGC items that look ugly and extremely low quality. These people just make something terrible on purpose and as a joke and post it in the catalog. And it gets uploaded! Some of these items even say broken in the name or description. How are these being put on the catalog?! But the worst thing that has come of this is the knockoff limited and expensive items. I have seen these headless ripoffs countless times in the catalog and it needs to be stopped. This is an unbelievable slap in the face to people who actually bought the headless horseman package. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of copied expensive items. It’s like- what is even the point of buying any of these limited items if I can just get this fake one for 2 robux?? Also, to me, a lot of these avatars are pushing the boundary for what should be allowed. There are these tiny, skinny, big, or misshapen avatars that do NOT fit on roblox. For some time there were broken avatars with invisible body parts which is obviously extremely bad. I could literally make my avatar floating hands. Come on.

i would like to get in to the ugc prorgam pls

I’m sorry but I can barely understand what you are saying. Please use periods and correct grammar. It’s just annoying trying to read that. Yeah, I know there are directions, but there should be standards and not free will to make whatever broken garbage or limited copy they want.

Bro you can just animate rhe model like an r6