UGC Program: Expanding Creation and Monetization with Avatar Bodies and Heads

so after EVERYONE seen how UGC “creations” (not really creations, just knockoff versions of Roblox accessories) are, y’all decide to make full bodies? imagine the amount of bypassed stuff that would be uploaded… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Nice update, here is my concern:

  • What will happen to people that reupload already existing high-demand packages such as headless horseman and korblox deathspeaker? If we take a look at the current state of UGC, we can see people uploading 1:1 knockoffs of rare offsale items and limited items almost daily. Yes the assets get removed time to time (some are still up for months), but most of the time creators don’t get kicked so they just infinitely keep repeating the procedure.

I agree , we will have the horseless headman and BloxKor soon… :man_facepalming:


This won’t be fun. Rthro sucks. Will we be able to do normal r15/r6 packages?


I’d like to see these policies held up better. Way too many things are falling through the cracks.

Has anyone actually said this anywhere? I haven’t seen anyone say that, and, I personally don’t care about bodies and heads being Limited. :person_shrugging:

Other than moderation that we know will be, and is, an issue… I think this update is great for expanding how people can express themselves. At least that’s my stance for now.

Edit: Nevermind to my previous statement, I find this to be an issue:

Like someone else said, this limits how people can express themselves and leaves out certain styles of characters.


what if the head in question doesn’t have the capability to have a full “facial expression” or is supposed to be “retro”.


Does this mean body parts are reverted to blocky once switched to R6?? my game has to be in R6 again because of acceleration i have in the game, hopefully we got this along with Avatar Unification here too! This makes no use without supporting it for the game that forces R6 still.

small edit here but your avatar reverts back to blocky style soon as you have UGC bundles equipped, roblox please just release the avatar Unification


“All avatars must be R15…” Not R6, not Rthro.

Also that 98% statistic, users using R15, feels off to me. Isn’t that being forced by Roblox when people signup? And, they changed some people’s heads a while back as an opt-out thing. Did that play a role in that ‘98%’?

Interesting to say the least.


Will there ever be documentation on how to do the mandated dynamic heads?

I haven’t been able to find a walkthrough on what you want for that… I assumed it would come with a lead time before the launch of this new feature, but I guess nope.


With this update people will be able to create bodies that look like R6 but have the full articulation of R15.


roblox ugc :skull::skull: roblox make better stuff


this is either going to be the best update in roblox history, or the worst.
call it.


this can open up many possibilities!


I think this is a neat update and i’m excited on what things i can make trough it, although i genuinely hope we can create our own full packages soon enough.

I have a few ideas in mind but they require separate items (as you cannot bake in things like clothing or hats baked into it from what i’m reading), so i hope we can just let the user buy it all in one go instead of having to go “okay, buy this, THEN these 3 hats and these 2 clothing items” towards people who want to buy whole character sets.

That aside i think this is pretty cool


This update is not really the best idea that came to the board. I think we should stick to UGC accessories :grimacing:


jokes aside, I can’t quite see how this will be applied properly, you can already make realistic/cosplay avatars with rthro, and you can make blocky creative stuff with R6 and item UGC, so whats the point?

the only benefit i can see is making avatars that roblox physically and legally cannot add (First character that came to mind was V1 from ultrakill) but obviously that would put them in major legal trouble, genuinely don’t truly see a proper use for this.


[The implementation of] Packages is probably a lesser issue, as most of those packages are relatively cheap compared to actual Limited’s. People already bypass using layered clothing, making armless/legless/invisible, so this may be an issue that will just have to be moderated like normal. Also, the ugc uploader who uploaded armless got kicked, so I think as long as there are severe repercussions, roblox can mitigate that issue.


Thanks for the amazing update, cant wait to be able to upload bodies and heads of my own when UGC goes public. Are we also going to be able to create animation bundles in the future?


Hate to be the bearer of the truth, but this kills interest for 90% of active users and makes entry near impossible for newer creators. Please allow static heads, otherwise this will be a repeat of the currently dead layered clothing market.


Generally a very good and neat update, although I am sadly not part of the UGC program. I have fear that people will make (well, you know) knockoffs with this new update, especially when public UGC releases. Aside from that, I am really hyped for this new update, as well as seeing what kind of avatars people will make and wear!!