UI Adjusting scale/offset

How would I be able to adjust my UIs scale and or offset to fit the users screen size? I’m making an Admin Panel, and the only thing it looks good in emulation is average laptop.

Hello @CottonCandyInc! I suggest using the dev forum search bar or looking at google, with one easy type I found This. This will mostly likely solve your problem. This problem has been discussed many times on the devfourms, always search before posting!

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I mean like get it to be almost the exact same. With the images I showed they were all using scale, but they were all off. I want to know how to use a script or something.

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Have you made sure text scaled is enabled for the text labels/ text boxes, that seems to be your problem

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That fixed it, but I would still like to know if it’s possible to detect devices.

Im not entirely sure how but i found a post which might be of help to you