UI artist or builders and more! (Good salary, paypal and 50% upfront)

Hi All,

First of all, really great and informative forum thanks to you guys.

We have noticed that trust are a really big issue in this forum.

We prefer paying extra for quality and is looking for people we can work with long term on more games to come, so please read under payment and if you have any doubts or questions please let ud know.

About Us

I am 43 and from Denmark. The last 15 years I have been running a danish company that have 3 websites (www.hbold.dk, www.europamester.dk and www.hockeymagasinet.dk)

That means that we already have a social media team and a lot of marketing experience.

The Game

We have been working on this our first game for a bit more than a month. We are looking for a UI artist, and builders capable of capturing environment feelings in a airports and historic places around the world. We have a really skilled scripter and and promising builder that is starting up slowly this week…but we’d like to speed the pace.

The Job

Even if you are not a UI artist or builders please contact, we will be expanding the team with skilled people regularly, and as mentioned we happily pay for quality.

  • 16+ of age
  • Professional & respectful attitude
  • Experience and a good portfolio
  • Must be dedicated to the project
  • Must keep assets confidential


We pay through paypal in any currency you wish. We are also prepared to pay 50% upfront.

Contact Us

If you are interested in the project and meet the requirements, Please write on discord or here on the forum.

Discord: Esben#7447

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I have sent a friend request on discord, I am Melz#1313.

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I’ve added you on discord, I’m matt_#3470.

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Added you on discord, Josip_V#9247

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Added you on discord at Cana#2948.

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I am Interested, I have 2 years of Building Experience. I can design Terrain, I Can make UIs a bit

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Please add me on discord - have the team in place for this game, but will be more games comming up hopefully :slight_smile:

Hello. I am a builder / modeler that can build alot. My discord is NexoGalaxy#1513

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Hello, I have contacted you. I am 17 years old and I have almost 7 years of developing.
I am a programmer, builder, 3D modeler, artist, etc. I own lot of big groups, I am a very experienced developer and game/group manager. I hope to talk to you on discord. Thank you.

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added you on Discord; Dan999plus | UI Designer


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Hopefully we can get some really talented builders too work with us. Quite a few already commented :slight_smile:

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There is a lot of room for hire still, feel free to apply.


Sent a friend request, kirb.is.awesome#3754.

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Are you guys looking for an animator to?


Yes - we will also need an animator eventually so please send your portfolio

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can u accept my discord request so we talk

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