UI components rescaling at the wrong anchor point

When scaling a screenGUI element using the handles, its rescaling from the wrong anchor point, leading to really annoying readjustments every time you change the size of an UI element. It always rescales top left corner (I think?)

This has been happening since a couple updates ago and is really annoying. Please fix it!


Expected behavior

If rescaling on one of the middle handles, it is expected to resize on the opposite handle’s anchor point. I.e. if I am resizing the middle right anchor point, the image should be scaled bigger or smaller from the anchor point (0,0) (.5,0)



Looks like the scaling is completely broken, not just anchor points.

Looks like something went terribly wrong with the entire scaling system.


Bumping this. This affects my (and I assume a lot others’) workflow!

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Hi all, this should now be resolved with the latest release.

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