UI Desigin on Photoshop or Studio?

Hello, all!

I’ve currently been wondering what should I start UI Design on. I’ve used Photoshop a bit, but never studio. I’m kind of new, so I’d like to know which path to take! Thanks so much.

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I’m starting to use UI design on roblox studio and it’s relatively easier compared to the past. Unlike before, now you can design and make a UI by clicking what you want in the workspace then being able to drag/resize the frames however you’d like.

However tinkering with the properties would be ideal before getting started. That being said, combining photoshop with UI on studio would be a double-win since graphics can really help the UI design with custom designs/icon that wouldn’t be achieved on studio.

I first started UI Design solely with ROBLOX so I could get used to making UI and actually scripting them as well as scaling.

As of recently I have expanded to designing my UI outside with external software’s as it allows me to add further details and then just upload those designs as decals and use ImageLabels in studio to import the designs.


You should first try to make user interfaces with Roblox Studio and try to get yourself known with some properties, such as positioning user interfaces, scaling user interfaces, etc.

Once you basically have gotten most of the properties down, you know how to make UIs on Roblox Studio, and you know where and how to use certain UI objects for your user interfaces and you’ve learned the basics or UI designing, you can get onto an external program/software such as Photoshop.

Some tutorials you’ll find helpful for UI designing are the following:

I hope this helped. Good luck with your journey on UI design!

I recommend adobe xd. It is free, simpler than photoshop, and is great!

Use it instead of photoshop. (30)

Photoshop for complex designs and Studio for simplistic designs. You can pretty much optimize your UI if you try to replace components you would normally have to import as an image into a Studio GUI object instead if possible to reduce the need to load another decal/image via asset ID.