UI DESIGNER [Closed] 500 R$ - 2k R$ PER ASSET

About Us

Hello there fellow robloxians!
We are a team of 4 skilled developed working on a MMORPG project! Where you can craft new weapons, level up and unlock new islands to travel and explore, beat new stronger monsters, challenge mighty bosses, level up your fishing and baking skills and much more!

The Team
Me - Builder
MasterNetworks - Scripter
Mesh Designer - ISurvivaI
Animator - MikeJustCant
UI Designer - Currently hiring

About The Job

You will be with the development team, working on your given task just like the rest of us, you will be allowed to work at your own pace as long as it’s not snail speed and the work you are producing is efficient and up to standards.

You will be required to have a good amount of knowledge in UI designing and you will need to show evidence of your past work to us so we can see that you are legit.

We are going to need at least 8 - 10 maybe more UI’s so before you apply, please make sure you have the patience to stay with us for this long.

We are going to be needing a Cartoonish/Semi Realistic kind of styled UI design.
Here is some examples: image


We do not agree that UI designers should be paid the same way as everyone else, since, it’s not a long term job.
You will be paid 500 - 2k (maybe more) per asset depending on the quality and the proportion of the UI that we will be asking you to make. Prices will obviously be negotiable for each asset.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord: Iyc#9295
Please make sure you have a portfolio of your work at the ready.


when you say “per asset” is it per frame? Do you have a max price for the whole game’s UI?

Per every UI
For example, we will have a trading system, for the main UI it will be for example 2k, for any bits that come with it maybe less

Same goes for the Inventory system, the skill system etc…

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I’m interested at the job, I already added you on discord.
Heres my portfolio.

Will the UI designer be required to upload these in the studio?

No don’t worry about that I can do that.

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Still looking for a UI designer?

I am an experienced designer that specializes in realism, you can view my portfolio here: Jupiterc's 2D Art: UI, Headshots, Ads, Gamepasses, Conceptual Designs, Etc

If you’re interested in my style, contact me at Foul#0347.


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