UI Feedback (Egg Hatching System)

So, I am pretty good at making UI. I just wanted to know your opinion. At a scale from 1-10.


Hmm. I’ll give it a solid 7/10.

The UI itself looks a bit bright, and my eyes want to keep looking away from it. Maybe tune down the brightness of it a bit, like choosing a darker shade a white (it would be slightly grayish) and a darker shade of blue.

The red equip button also doesn’t seem to match the colors of the rest of the UI. It is the only red thing in there and stands out a lot.

The Pet Name and Pet Stats labels are too close to each other. How do you plan to fit all the stats in a label that’s just about the same size as the name label? I think the pet name should go above the image of the pet, and the stats can stay where it is.

What’s this empty bar in the middle:
If it’s not needed, I suggest you delete it and stretch the pet name + stats section to fill up the empty space so you have more room to write the stats.

Also, as my final criticism, posts asking to rate assets on a scale of 1-10 are not allowed. You can ask for general feedback, but not a rating.
The rule (rule 7.2):


Well the bar in the middle is the options/settings (such as multi-delete) and yeah I agree with everything else.

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Honestly, I had the same “ego” issue as you (with all do respect).

I thought I made great UIs and then I posted it on the DevForum and got the truth.
I wouldn’t say your good at making them, I’m guessing your fairly new to making them.

If you wan to get good, I’d recommend a software to add extensive detail and etc.

This is a sidebar of Photoshop. These are a bunch of tools I could use to improve what you currently have. As a UI Designer, I’m very picky for UI. I’d give it a 4/10.

I’m not saying your bad, because I don’t know if you gave your 100% into this UI, so I am not suggesting that all. I am just suggesting not come in a egotistical behavior, because the devforum is a community with the best of the best and people will beat you down with that attitude.
Regardless, I believe we can all get better!

Keep striving for your goals, @xMagmaDev!


The ui looks pretty good itself. Could of done the pet image box better, and the delete button looks to blended in with the background. And both delete and equip buttons the text is hardly spaced at all.

overall background layout is really good.

Try to tone down the blues, as it’s well over saturated in blue. The background tabs are too bold and draw too much attention. Maybe add some grey’s in place of blue areas that don’t matter as much? You want the players eyes to be drawn towards the buttons first, with enough contrast to be able to notice the other important features such as the 0/3 and 0/50.

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As others said, the blue is bright and I would make it darker. I do not know if it is just me, but I think the text for the EQUIP/DELETE buttons looks weird. I do not know if it is the font or just the text color, but I would recommend messing around with them.

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I’m glad you noticed. What I did was I made the Text Color a basic red color (255, 0, 0) and, made the Text Stroke Color to be a darker red (170,0,0) I thought it was a bit for extra detail.

I would try remove the stroke and see how it looks. With the stroke, it looks like the letters are way too close.


I wouldn’t use the rotate property when making UI’s. It makes everything look pixelated and cheap. I would recommend having the rotated frames as separate images already rotated in a software.

Because of that, and the equip and delete text being very bright and chunky, i would give it a 7.5/10

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