UI Flickering uncontrollably

So I’m working on the upcoming release by Wonder Works Studio; “Overlook Bay 2” and I am experiencing a massive bug.

Description: During a play session UI stutters uncontrollably & It noticeably gets worse overtime. This issue occurred on several devices, some of them being:

  1. PC - CPU Intel i9-11900k & GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti
  2. PC - CPU Intel -7-10700k & GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 Ti
  3. IPhone 13 Pro Max
  4. IPhone X
  5. IPhone 8
  6. Samsung S10+

How: Well… not exactly sure, but I have a few theories.

  1. It could be number of GUI Objects that adorn to workspace (SurfaceGui’s & BillboardGui’s) base part instances. I have seen improvements when these GUI objects have been deleted.
  2. The number of UI Strokes. I have also seen improvements when these instances have been deleted.
  3. The total number of any GUI instance being too high???

I have attached a couple videos that this happens in.
Note: This issue also persists in some of the top experiences out there.

In these 2 examples below, I was in the session for around 10 minutes before it occurred.

In the example below I had just joined the session.

Expected behavior

UI should not be flickering uncontrollably as it can cause for bad user experience.


I’ve encountered this issue too, in my past experience it’s because there’s too many text objects (not necessarily text strokes specifically) being rendered at once.

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This isn’t a bug but a limitation of Roblox’s UI text rendering pipeline. Luckily there is a great guide on optimizing your game to work within these limits. All About Text - Best Practices


That’s what I assumed. I tried optimizing as much as I can, I guess I just got to cut some stuff out since it’s a HUGE game. Thanks for the link!


Hi everyone!

Closing this thread as per the above comment, this shouldn’t be a bug but a limitation!

Thank you!

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