UI is clickable now and I cannot build with this system


We don’t need more properties, we just need to be able to disable the UI editor.


Non-button UI already allows clicks to pass through by default. The problem here is that the UI editor is activating whenever the element is clicked – not that it’s sinking input.

As for “locked”, I don’t think adding properties that would only be used to interface with the UI editor is a good idea. This may be a bug though? I notice that clicking on UI elements does nothing when I initially load up the game, but after I select StarterGui and deselect it, all UI elements become interactable. Is the UI editor supposed to be disabled when I deselect StarterGui?


I agree with this. The problem could be solved easily by just allowing us to enable/disable it.


I’d Prefer the old one because of its Simplicity, but now i’ll have to use this plugin.


Like you said, a lock isn’t quite what we’re looking for. We need to click through the UI.


I really don’t understand why they’d add such an intrusive feature like this without a toggle in the first place. It’s really jarring.


Yes exactly, I meant a way to have editor-clicks pass through certain UI. We’ll consider solutions for this and reply back here. (A property may not be the best way to accomplish this, as EchoReaper pointed out)
Let me know if you have additional thoughts on a feature like this, especially if you think of any other possible uses for it in your workflow.


Just let us toggle it on or off?


Until this is officially fixed, a workaround could be to disable ui visibility and clone the relevant guis you need to build into game.CoreGui

ex: the left image button is in startergui, the right is in coregui

copy this into the command bar with the guis selected in the explorer to add guis to the coregui

	local ScreenGui = Instance.new("ScreenGui")
	ScreenGui.Name = "RelevantBuildingUI"
	ScreenGui.Parent = game.CoreGui
for i,v in pairs(game.Selection:Get()) do
	v:Clone().Parent = game.CoreGui.RelevantBuildingUI
game.CoreGui.RelevantBuildingUI.Parent = game.CoreGui

copy this in to remove it


guis in coregui wont save when you publish the game, but will still be active when you test in studio, so keep that in mind


It can also interfere with plugins sometimes if the Gui is in the right spot.
Although, you can turn off the UI in the top right corner (near the top bar)


Is there a reason that you are hesitant to add UI editor toggle to the system? It sounds like the simplest solution to me, and it does what we’re all asking for. I will be disappointed if I have no way to turn off the UI editor.

  • I don’t want to be able to click on the UI in Studio at all. I want it to work how it worked before the UI editor was set to be on all the time i.e. how it used to.
  • Some others do want to use the UI editor at times, but they want to split their concerns up into physical world and UI without disabling the UI while building as it’s part of the atmosphere. Again, being able to turn off the UI editor so that UI works how it used to accomplishes this perfectly.

Something like the UI editor only being active while a UI element is selected – and disabling it when a non-UI object is selected – works too. This is like an automatic on/off switch, so I can effectively disable the editor by selecting anything else. I would still like an off switch because I do not want to see UI editor dragging handles or other elements while I’m designing my UI. @EchoReaper suggested something similar to this, too – it’s possible that you’re receiving more backlash than you otherwise would because of a bug.

I’m hoping…

  • That the UI editor only turns on when child of StarterGui is selected, and turns off (i.e. clicking UI does nothing) when anything else is selected.
  • And that I can turn the UI editor off entirely, because I don’t plan on using it and I don’t want to see the UI editor’s dragging handles or other elements.


I strongly second this. Since its release, it has only ever been an obstructive interference in my workflow. The overlay information, like dimensions, are not useful to my development, and I always have sized things accurately from the Properties panel, so this forced feature serves no purpose to me.

I often click around in my game with UIs on the screen, to better see how my game will look when the UI is apparent, and accidentally clicking and dragging elements around because of this is something that negatively hurts the developer user experience.

Again, I will emphasize this:
Be able to disable the UI editor.


@asimo3089 I’ll look into it!


It’s hard to edit small UIs


I could make the frame bigger but there’s a reason I have a small frame.


Has there been an update to this, because my Gui’s are still clickable and it’s really annoying, I don’t want to edit the UI editor plugin, because I occasionally like to use it.

I also wouldn’t really like to place my Ui that I am currently working on in the CoreUi Container as that feels wrong, and it prevents me from editing the Ui in studio!


i liked the gui system when this was togglable now its just were stuck with it permanent.
i use allot of Gui effects and the thing is if you dont hide the frame and its for example hiding behind a clipsdecendants you still can click it even tho its not visible.


my guis are always kinda complicated. and these are just the menu guis.


I was surprised to find out there’s no way to disable this. I work with small guis a lot and the drag handles and other lines and information being shown now are larger than the actual gui I’m working on. I never use the editor and I don’t want to, I can’t trust it like I can trust setting properties directly (I do all my gui work very precisely).

It’s very frustrating to have to deselect my gui every time I make a change in order to see the changes because it’s obstructed by the yellow guis from the plugin. I just deleted the plugin since there was nothing else I could do.

In addition to it being visually obstructive, I find myself constantly moving guis on accident that I don’t want to. I usually notice, but sometimes I don’t and I have to undo many steps of other work to get back to where the gui was moved.

As Corecii mentioned above, is there reason for the hesitation to add a toggle to turn off the plugin? If so, can you help us understand it?


You can disable it by going to C:\Users\USERNAME_HERE\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\STUDIO_VERSION_FOLDER\BuiltInPlugins and deleting the UIEditor plugin. But obviously, this is kinda hacky and it comes back every time Studio updates.

I’ve been deleting this editor every single week, I have no desire to use it either. Wish they would give us an option to just disable it within Studio - this has disrupted a lot of people’s workflows.


Please give us a toggle for this plugin.
Not a toggle for all UI visibility.
Not an automatic toggle we have no control over.

I have no need for any of the features this provides me, and it actively hinders my workflow by getting in the way and causing accidental gui placement errors.