UI Outline In Studio issue


I’m having this issue in my ui development, there is a line that appears on the outline of a image and I have a photo to give for reference.

I use photoshop and keep the backround transparent and I don’t use any stroke


Yeah I have the same issue with my UI and it’s super annoying. I don’t know if theres a way to fix it.



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Are you using the UICorner beta feature.?

I am not. Though I have been meaning to give it a try. Would that solve the outline issue?

No I’ve never used that, it’s not an issue from UICorner

Ah then you might encounter the issue:


I found a fix,

Go to XAXA’s post and use his link

edit: Online Javascript Editor

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Thanks! That solution worked. Who knew it was so easy.

quenty also posted something about this a while back; which addresses the problem in a bit more platfrom friendly logic

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