UI Quick Edit Plugin - Edit UIs without moving them to view

UI Quick Edit Plugin

What is UI Quick Edit

A simple plugin to quickly edit the different UI components in your project without having to go out of your way to move them to your viewport just to make a few quick adjustments.

Why I made it

I was working on one of my projects and it became tedious to go back and forth moving my GUI from my assets folder to my view just to make a few adjustments, so I decided to make this plugin to make the process easier. Now I can select anything directly and make the necessary changes without moving anything around.


  • Highlights any selected UI for easy viewing (toggleable)
  • Ignores the Visible property of the UI (toggleable)
  • Beautifully designed interface that seamlessly blends with Studio
  • Fully stable and clean code
  • Support for light mode


Planned Features

  • A new setting ForceVisible. Currently, when you select an instance but the parent Visible property is set to false, the object doesn’t get projected as a result of that

Usage & demo

Select any Gui instance you want to make changes to and click on “Lock” to project the instance to view. Make any changes you want and click “Unlock” to stop projecting.

Note: Shortly after posting this, I was made aware that a similar plugin to this already exists called UI Previewer. Unlike that plugin, UI Quick Edit’s interface is compact and seamlessly blends in with Studio. You can avoid having the need to switch back and forth between windows just to make a quick edit. Directly select any relevant UI instance and click “Lock” to begin projecting.

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There is a similar plugin called UIPreviewer:


Ah, I wasn’t aware a plugin like that already exists. It does have the same capabilities, but after checking it out, the fundamental difference between the plugins is that UI Quick Edit doesn’t have an entire interface and projects the UI directly into view. In this plugin, you can throw the widget panel around to a corner and avoid the need to switch back and forth between windows.

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I’ve added a Planned Features section. Feel free to suggest any potential features/improvements you’d like to see in this plugin and if it works, I’ll add them in!