UI Rescaling To Different Resolution Help!

Okay, then just rescale them until they fit in the UI. Should be as simple as changing the values slightly until they look good.

Works for me so I don’t really care

I wasn’t sure if you were just scaling the positions or if you were scaling both positions & sizes, since a lot of users forget to scale size too. You’ve done most of the work though, all you need to do now is finetune the scale values for textlabels & boxes.

Edit: At this point you should upload your UI as a file here then only we can fix it.

Done aodsjflaskdjflasdlfasdfsadfasdf (in my main post)

I have put my ui in as downloadable in my main thread cause i can’t find the problem

UI Help.rbxl (29.7 KB)
I believe I have fixed it. Added a “UIAspectRatioConstraint” and it seems to have fixed it.

The value for “UIAspectRatioConstraint” is calculated by (AbsoluteSize.X / AbsoluteSize.Y).

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THANK YOU I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT FOR EVVVEEEER. Also when you say absolutesize.x/absolutesize.y, does that mean the size of the parent image label where everything is inside of?
so like the scale x of the ImageLable divided by the scale y of the ImageLabel?

Yes the parent GUI Object (right after the ScreenGui).

It is not the scale size but AbsoluteSize.
Click on ImageLabel in properties tab you will see a property called “AbsoluteSize”. You use that to calculate the aspect ratio.

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You can also convert offset to scale by dividing the offset by the AbsoluteSize of the parent (screen GUIs also have an AbsoluteSize). For example your GUI x size is 100, and the parent’s AbsoluteSize X is 200. You do: (100 / 200) which is 0.5, that will be the scale size. This is the math these “offset to scale” plugins use.

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