UI Scale to Phone

Good evening community!

I have a somewhat confusing problem with my UI, it happens that I am doing a store and an inventory of trails, everything works correctly, on the computer everything appears well positioned and without any problem, but on a cell phone it doesn’t look good at all, I don’t know how fix it already and tried a lot of things but in the end I couldn’t find the answer.

Any clue of what it can be or what I can do?

I leave you a video so that you understand what I’m talking about:

I await your answers and thank you very much: D

Well, it’s because the boxes inside the scrolling frame are too large as the scrolling frame has to shrink with the smaller screen. Just make sure you’ve properly scaled everything so it’s at least useable on all the platforms. I assume you’re using an automatic layout sort which makes the size of the boxes inside the frame, so when the frame has to shrink it’s still sizing those. Maybe try ensuring the original version of it is scaled properly?

Edit: You can always do it manually… but I like to use this plugin to do all the work UI Scale Plug-in

How about making the gui’s size scaled?

Here Use this,

It will help you get a good scale on all platforms.
Glad to know this helped someone