UI Size different on studio and game

I was making some ui, to make a executor to test my scripts and stuff, but when i was on studio, the ui size was what i wanted, but then when I published my game and tried to test it… this happend

In Studio

But in game it looks like this:

I tried using the UISizeContraints and stuff but it didn’t work, can anybody help me fix this? (this could be posted already but I might as well still post it)

I tried using some plugins too like, AutoScale Lite, Minifier and others, but none helped me fix this, can anyone help me with this?

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Use echoreapers plugin. It can convert the UI to be unviersal for all devices


It says it’s offsale? I’ll try to find it again.

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Wait no, sorry, i found it now.

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Try using Autoscale, it has tutorial included. If you still don’t understand, search in YouTube.

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Just letting yknow, I already fixed it since i used the method @SpiralGaia said, and that’s the plugin I used when I said “AutoScale Lite”

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What is the link to the plugin?