UIBlox Plugin: 1900+ Icons in one place [FREE!]

Update v14.5

What font should be used in plugin?
  • Builder Sans
  • Builder Sans extended (wider than default)
  • Montserrat
  • Other

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Work for Advanced Elements is in progress! Who don’t know it’s tool to edit UIs in plugin

Did you like Advanced Elements UI
  • Yes
  • 50/50
  • No (tell why)
  • Don’t make polls

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Still appearing for me when I play testing.

I did it in beta build, not public :person_facepalming:
So in next update it will be fixed

New update V15:

  • Advanced elements

    • Change icons
    • Change Text
  • New UI

  • Removed useless icons

    • pfps
  • Bug Fix

I want to add more languages in plugin. What language I should add?
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • [Another variant] (please write below)

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It’s obvious for you to put Russian because Kazakhstan also speaks Russian, I would recommend Arabic [I am an Arab and was born in an Arabic-speaking country], also Arabic has more speakers than Russian [not joking, it actually does]

though I sometimes have to look through Roblox’s files for my game, This plugin will surely help me with that

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I think i will add russian too, bcuz i know it as u said, and russain devforum users want it

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Здавствуйте русскоговорящие!

¡Hola hispanohablantes!

!السلام عليكم أيها المتحدثون باللغة العربية

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Though only the “Icons” section name is translated




and the icons in a category should be set depending on the size of the dock

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I didnt translated all icons names. Reason why some tabs is translated bcuz it have one of main ui text.
E.g. text “Icon” is translated, and it translates all texts with “Icon”. So it can affect some icons name.
I will translate all icons/groups name, if it translatable

Pls explain

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Regardless of the Dock size, it will stay like this:


and it would’ve been cool if it is scaled depending on the dock size

Forgot to mention, There is also the “Show Unstable Stuff” in the settings which is untoggleable

Why are the icons so blurry? I’m not sure if it’s just me but for me the resoultion is very low.

Hey! You can change icon resolution in Icon selection menu

  1. Open Plugin
  2. click on need icon
  3. in dialogue window select resolution (1x = small, 2x = medium, 3x = big)
  4. Insert