UiGradient showing gray

hi, i was working at my chat sistem but i want the Sistem Messages to have a special color, a changing raindow but it shows the color gray, u cant use UiGradients on TextLabels?

data putes in UiGradient:

Offset: 9,12
Rotation: 79
Transparency: 0

why it shows gray? i tried to search on devforum about UiGradients and ColorSequence

UIGradient is not yet enabled on the Roblox client, only in Studio mode. You must also have the Beta Feature enabled. If you are testing UIGradient from Studio though, you may have not set properties correctly. Fiddle around with them more to try and get the gradient to appear.

It definitely works on TextLabels though, there are examples of this hanging around. Check out the release thread and some of its replies:


If the post above didn’t already solve your problem, make sure the TextLabel.TextColor3 is set to white. UIGradients blend with the existing color of the object, so a black object won’t be affected by the color property at all.


i have UiGradient Enabled 30charss

hi, i tried what u say but the UiGradient only changed its background color without making it changing everytime, and i want the text’s color to be changed not the background color

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that.

Here’s a couple of suggestions that may help you from what I understand about your question:

  • Set the UIGradient’s offset to (0,0). An offset of (9,12) will result in a solid color because the “fade” part of the gradient will be extremely far off the frame.
  • Set the BackgroundTransparency to 1 and create a separate gui object for the background so the UIGradient doesn’t affect the it.
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