UIPadding are different in the sides because of scaling

Hi, I was trying the constraint of UIPadding but apparently when a frame has non-equal sides (rectangle), the padding sides become non-equal and in general I don’t like that style.

Is there any way to fix this?



Go into the properties tab and please send s screenshot of everything in it.


Just change those numbers until it looks how you want.

It looks “ok” in my screen:

But if we in a tablet screen, then it looks like this:


And everything is on scale (size & position & padding).

I used that plugin and still looks like it. And if I add a UIAspectRatioConstraint it will look too small in the tablet or mobile (almost fingers cant touch buttons) comparing to the computer.

You could possibly try a SizeConstraint

How can I use it? I’ve tried doing it but I don’t understand very well, and the documentation is very unclear.

Somewhere in here: UI Design Starter Guide

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@Sandessat Maybe you could try UIScale

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do not use this lol it creates so many errors later on as more frames are added, scale + offset + anchorpoint is the most consistent