Ultimate Destruction : A creative way to destroy stuff in your game with physics!


What is it?

Ultimate destruction is an open-source project that consist in many method to destroy stuff with physics and math. Made by @gianfragolo, and also big thanks to google that helped me with the third method.

Pro and Cons

Pro's :
    1. Good amount of customization.
    1. Error / warn system.
    1. Auto-fill properties for the module settings.
    1. 3 methods to destroy stuff in a unique way.
Con's :
  • Bad optimization.
  • idk what else but theres still lots of con’s.



Destroy the desired target by reducing it in cubes. The number of cubes is
controlled by the .Divider value.


Destroy the desired target by reducing it in 6 wedges.


EXPERIMENTAL. Destroy the desired target by creating 4 rectangles, whose position and size depends on an attachment (must be parent of the target)


Not totally finished. Cut’s the part in two or more pieces, by subtracting from the target part another part/parts. To work, you MUST enable CSG Improvments in the Beta Features tab in studio.


Here’s a small showcase of 2 of the 3 methods. It looks bad because no cooldown has been used here.

gianfragolo's Place Number_ 229 - Roblox Studio 2023-12-24 18-01-04


Download link


Documentation and some examples are already included in the module, in the script “wedger2”. If it dosen’t work, make sure that you put all your settings inside in a table. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any feedbacks / bug.


Poor Performance can be caused by Collison i think, so if they don’t touch each other with Collision Group and don’t use physics, it will lag less?

Just a theory

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Thanks for the suggestion. ill give it a try!

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Ok, i tried using collisonGroup but the performance didn’t get any better sadly. Thanks for the feedback anyways tho.



Hello developers, i did a small update to my free resource. In fact i added a .Cut function that can cut parts with a subtractor. Read the first post for all the info.

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