Unable to change search term once searched, or use tutorials/videos/recipes/api filters

Once you’ve searched for something, the buttons in this screenshot are unusable:

Specifically, you’re unable to select the textbox that says “color” and type a new term, and clicking the tabs (tutorials, videos, recipes, API documentation) doesn’t work.


Expected result:

  • You should be able to type something new into the text box to search again
  • And the tabs should function correctly

This doesn’t seem to be a 100% reproducible thing, because at some points I have been able to successfully use a lot of the textboxes once or even several times.

When it’s broken, using Inspect Element will select the div housing the input field, not the input field itself. Unsure if that has anything to do with it. I haven’t had a chance to inspect a page where the issue is not present, but I’m still looking.

Here’s a video I recorded earlier with the intention of including with a bug report, but I didn’t post it because nobody else could reproduce it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gefF28e75ew

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Thanks for the report. This is a mistake that I made in a recent update, sorry! I’ll work on getting this fixed in the next release.