Unable to get dragging part to follow/lookat the camera

Hello, Ive been creating a dragging system for a project of mine, and i can figure out how to get the parts to face the camera. For reference, I’m trying to achieve what Defaultio has in Lumber Tycoon 2.
for reference: https://streamable.com/ixwr5g

I have been able to get the delta of the camera position between frames, so that’s a plus. Before you ask, no, i cannot just set it to the camera’s orientation because I plan on adding more rotation features which that will not allow. Plus it would wierdly rotate the part if its oriented away from the camera. I feel like im on the right track because the part seems like its staying still in world space, but i cant get it to face the camera.

Ive been trying a bunch of guess/check and just throwing variables around, negating them, inversing things, and i cant seem to get any results. Heres what im currently getting:


and here’s what im currently doing:

(binded to renderstepped)
local OldX, OldY, OldZ = (lastCameraCFrame or Camera.CFrame):ToEulerAnglesXYZ()
local NewX, NewY, NewZ = Camera.CFrame:ToEulerAnglesXYZ()
local AddedX, AddedY, AddedZ = OldX - NewX, OldY - NewY, OldZ - NewZ
local CurrentX, CurrentY, CurrentZ = draggingOre.CFrame:ToEulerAnglesXYZ()

local X = CurrentX + AddedX
local Y = CurrentY + AddedY
local Z = CurrentZ + AddedZ
local RotCFrame = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(X, Y, Z)
draggingBodyGyro.CFrame = RotCFrame

Any help would be appreciated! I’m all out of ideas.

Probably uses AlignOrientation:

I found a post here: Dragging objects with the mouse I read this post a few weeks ago and it was good, I don’t remember if it had orientation though. You should check!

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Ive checked out that post before and im not really sure if it goes over the orientation of the item your dragging how im aiming to go for, or if it does at all.

I suggest using the CFrame.lookAt function instead of calculating the individual angles.