Unable to import planes to studio

So, when I try to import flat objects into Roblox studio using the new Import 3D system Roblox announced not too long ago, the objects turn invisible when imported. They are still objects existing in the explorer, but in game they are completely invisible and don’t even have any highlight around them indicating that there is no 3D object existing in the world.

Twitter link to showcase the bug.

So as showcased, importing 3D planes is currently not viable for developers, the only fix there is to this as i know of is extruding some depth on the plane to make the scale more than 0.

As shown in this image, there should be a Plane in the scene and I am allegedly selecting it, but there is nothing existing in 3D space.
If I check wireframe rendering it does not appear either, there simply is no 3D object/plane there.

And before people ask if this is just a problem with my vertex normals, nope the normals are pointing in the correct direction, pressing double sided on the mesh does not make it appear but it stays invisible/nonexistent.

What should be happening when I import objects without depth, such as a plane. is that they should import correctly. Having to add extra depth to stuff like walls, extruding them out because the engine cant import planes properly means extra vertex and worse optimization.


This also happens to me when importing thru the asset manager, either the plane becomes very big or flat out just invisible from what I remember

This has been busted for a long time now - that report is from 2021

Any updates?

Here too:

Doess it still happen if the mesh has DoubleSided set to true?

I mentioned that in the post if you read, unfortunately double sided does not fix this since this is not a vertex normal issue

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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We don’t expect 0-width planes to work correctly for physics. The convex decomposition might do weird things. CollisionFidelity.Box may or may not work. For collision detection we need objects with non-zero volume to provide reasonable behavior right now.

The visibility issue is unexpected though. Maybe a culling issue with zero or negative volume extents? We’ll investigate.

Do you have a repro file you can share?

Hey FYI, there is definitely an issue with flat OBJ objects, however FBX seems to work.

Do you have access to the source files (e.g. .blend)? Or can you import the object in blender and re-export as FBX?

We will look into the issue, but for an immediate solution, FBX should work, if you get the chance to try with FBX please let us know hot it went

Thanks for the quick response!

Hey, im late to the party however i have noticed that FBX itself can only handle planes in very specific conditions. Half the time i have noticed that they either get enlarged (either to infinity or by around 2x-4x) or simply remain invisible.

Here’s a studio file in witch some planes do not render at all (They can be found in workspace.SingleFace_Meshes) along with the same meshes in blender.
SingleFacesNotRendering.rbxl (3.3 MB)
MeshesInBlender.blend (993.4 KB)

Here’s an FBX File of a build of mine that has the effect of enlarging planes in studio.
MapRoomRework_1.fbx (293.0 KB)

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