Unable to open a new team create place

Today I created a new place and and enabled team create under a group. Once I enabled team create, it was loading forever. I kept trying to re-open the place with no luck. I finally received this error: Screenshot - c01e0bb439917c7ff1338bf720a57315 - Gyazo

Also, the default place thumbnail got rejected for some reason on the place having issues:

As of now it is still not allowing me to open that specific team create place.

Thank you for reporting! We’ll have the issue investigated.


Hi thunder1222,

Can you please locate and send us logs from the session where you experienced this? You can follow this post for more information: How to post a Bug Report - #12 by Roblox , thanks!


Who would you like me to send them to?

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If you look at the “How to Find Log Files” section of the post I mentioned, you’ll see the following:

DM the log files to the Logs / Crash Dumps / Other Bug Files group. Include a link to the DM in your thread. This link is only viewable by Roblox employees.

Please send them to this group, thanks!


@thunder1222 can you confirm if team create can open again? the thumbnail is visible again.


Wow, it loaded right up, no issues!


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