Unbind "View" Button from Xbox Controllers

So I’m working on a 2D game where I have a custom menu rather than the original Roblox menu for ease of access to players for particle setting along with sounds and a “Photosensitive Seizure” mode for people who cannot play the game as is.

The issue I have is you cannot access the menu via Xbox as the Menu and View buttons are both bound to highlighting GUI’s and opening the Roblox Xbox Menu.
I would like to unbind either of these keys. (Buttons 3 and 6)

Is there a way to and if so, How?

It is possible to change it! Here is how you change it in a proximity prompt:

Sadly, I don’t know how to change it for anything else. Another solution is to code some gui that only appears on xbox so they can use the view button to click that gui.

Where did you get that picture of the controller?

Consider looking here and try to figure something out. Best if you have a controller.