'Undo' recursively selecting all descendants, causing massive lag spikes

im not sure if this is a bug exactly, however its something that’s caused me some trouble a few times. if you accidentally move a large model or portion of a map, and then undo that move, studio recursively selects every descendant part in that model. this recursive selection can lead to huge lag spikes, and the only solution to this is waiting for studio to finish selecting all of the objects, which has taken upwards of 1-2 minutes for me in some cases.


I’d like to add to this that, in my opinion, recursively selecting all descendants is correct and good behaviour an sich.
I think the true bug you reported is the poor performance of the explorer pane when selecting things in general (specifically RibbonBar’s explorer pane).

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Undo should return the selection to what it was when the object was deleted, rather than recursively.


yea if i have a 200 part model that i accidentally delete it doesnt need to select all of the descendants


We’re working on a fix for this. It should already be a little faster when selecting, but the fix will make it not have to select all those descendants.


Glad you guys are considering the fix! This was a major pet peeve of mine and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy this fix being implemented

This is still a major problem. When I press undo it’s because I’m trying to fix a mistake, not because I’m trying to crash studio by selecting things.

This screenshot is greyed out because studio stopped responding for about a minute while it selected 77k items. None of which need to be or should have been selected.