Unhandled Promise when fetching game name

Reproduction Steps
In any published game; either open it in studio and press play, or press play on the web, to the start the server.

View the developer console/output once the game has loaded.

Expected Behavior
The game info to be collected by Roblox? No error? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Not sure what this error is about)

Actual Behavior
In both studio:

And in game:

You receive the following error and that’s it. Further info required.

Studio: 0.495.0.4950268 (64bit)
Issue not restricted to single experience.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-09-16 18:09:00 (+01:00)

Edit: Adding a description solves this bug.


I cannot reproduce this on Windows 10 x64, with Roblox Studio Version 0.494.2.4940343.

Just to confirm, can you reproduce in experience and updated to the latest studio version 0.495.0.4950268?

I cannot reproduce in experience here. In the latest version (0.495.0.4950268), I cannot reproduce after Playing Solo.

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Hmm must not be affecting all experiences, can reproduce in worship coefficients - Roblox and Classroom Mode Demo - Roblox

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I can reproduce the issue in those games, weird.

Can reproduce - Studio 0.495.0.4950268 64bit,

Seemed to be fixed when I applied a description to the game via the “Game settings” option in studio.


Yes, I can reproduce in Studio 0.495.0.4950268 64bit too.

But as confirmed, simply making sure your game has a description (ie not just a title) resolves the issue.


I feel like you shouldn’t even have to set a description and roblox should still look into this bug.


100%. For some reason, it doesn’t let you turn a vehicle left/right. Unless that’s a totally separate issue.

Hello Devs! The issue should now be resolved, can you all confirm?

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