Union part literally disappeared and no longer there!

I spent hours creating this gate union and published it to Roblox, then after closing Studio to work on the game my gate is literally gone, the only reference left to it is its name. My other unions such as the chain part (the brown parts where the gate would have been) is still there, but not the gate itself, why did this happen?

How can I bring the gate back, can someone help? I seriously do not want to spend more hours just to recreate my door that somehow disappeared, is there a way to get it back?

This might help you.

Yeah I’ve thought about reverting but the problem is, I didn’t publish the game until I finished the gate, and it disappeared after the fact.

Sometimes, I’ve had issues if I was in Team Create my unions wouldn’t show to others. Have you tried restarting studio?

It’s not a problem with studio. I went in game and the gate is literally gone

As far as i know, this is one of the oldest glitch in the Roblox Studio book. Many topics has covered this. Either you save and quit, then rejoin again, or load a backup, as the union might be corrupted

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Oh, I see. I’m not too sure then, sorry.

There has to be a way to get the gate back, could you give me some suggestions, I’ve spent hours creating it and it’s gone like that. Why hasn’t this been fixed, I heard about this for years but I didn’t expect it to happen to me because it never did until now.

Also I have saved the game as file and the gate is even gone in my backup file somehow, there has to be a way to somehow get it back right?

Have you tried ctrl+z a lot? Usually a short move in union could TP the union far away, though this happened to me when i was making a base for a map

I’m afraid that’s a little too late for me because I closed out Roblox studio after I published the game…

Then… i don’t know what to do again, i’m really sorry

Where can I find the topics that you said covered this?

This might help.


Sorry for not replying, here are some topics i mentioned:

Also, what @JasonSpero posted there is super helpful, you might wanna check on that

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Unions can become corrupted, make sure the union has finished loading before uploading or saving.

Personally I use a script to create my unions. This way I can be certain that it has properly completed. (I make the parts before hand.)

Thank you so much! It works but it didn’t recover most of it, but at least I got it back to where I don’t have to completely start over

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Could you provide me the script you use to create your unions? I think that would be really helpful for others out there who have my same situation

Give me a minute to find it and update the script. (I got a lot of scripts in my script practice place, so it will be a few)

I will edit this text to put it in once I find it.

I will update the script to properly check the union. This is a older version as I had a bug on studio.
Current version:

Heres a ping @mrbobbilly to let you know I updated the script so it will check if the union is nil. It will retry until the union properly creates. When theres a problem the union will be nil so this should help you out.

If it doesnt create at all then consider alternatives as there will be a issue that keeps happening.