Unions disappearing after separation

Hi! I recently have been working on an event center. It’s a decent size, but I recently wanted to make changes to some walls that were unions. I separated a wall, and the whole union just disappeared. When I CTRL-Z, it comes back. I decided to restart studio, and guess what, they’re all gone and I can’t get them back. Is this a bug that can be reproduced or does studio just hate me? I’m annoyed.

Ok so there is many reasons for that, the Unions can sometimes get corrupt and that happens when you Union alot of negate parts together, or when someone else Unions the parts in studio in that case it turns invisible to fix that you can rejoin studio, but there are times when you union alot of negates together and it looks like the parts changed position, that means its corrupted and it will not save in studio if you leave studio, sometimes it even crashes studio and you will lose everything you had not saved in studio.

The unions only had a maximum of 2 negative parts. Most of them were for window spaces.

As for the other person to union, as you said, I’d have to restart studio. However, this doesn’t have team create so that’s that.

Will you be able to show a video of what you are doing?

Disable CSG v2 and it should be fixed, replied to the same issue in an older post.