Unions get MIXED UP with other unions

(Note: I can’t post in Studio Bugs)
Alright, this is absolutely crazy. So I was working on adding a chassis to my bus on a local place and decided to save it and call it a day. It took a little longer than usual so I just waited for Studio to close. Then the next time I open studio I saw that unions that weren’t there before. They almost felt like phantom unions at first, but no. They were actually REPLACING the union assetid with a random union. They even had the original bounding box of the old union to prove it.

The replaced unions.
I really want to see this bug fixed. This is driving me crazy right now. I have replaced everything in my local place at the moment I’m writing this. Thankfully, they weren’t crucial parts of my project. But if they were, this would cause a large issue.

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They aren’t mixed. They got corrupted. Corrupted unions is a really big problem of Roblox. Here’s a topic that may help:

I have experienced “normal” union corruption before, where the union gets deleted when you separate it or you get CSG error code -25 when unioning it. Or the unions just don’t appear at all. I thought this was some odd behavior so I didn’t put it under union corruption.

it get worse every day now…
idk why these happen but pls fix Studio Roblox