Unions not loading

When I open studio, some union parts will not load, although they still working (Collisions etc.), even at preview mode.
So far, I’ve tried Restart Studio, re-open the file, etc.
I know I can just open an older save, but then I’ll have to build all over again.
If you know how to fix this please let me know.
(Note: It happend after I published the game.)


Hey this has happened to me before, I think it is a bug with regard to saving the unions and processing them. Reverting to an older version or recreating the lost unions are both practical fixes.


If these unions are complex and would take significant effort to rebuild, you may want to check out How to recover invisible / corrupt unions.

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You can publish your place to Roblox as a game and enable Team Create. Saving to a local file can get the file corrupted, but on Team Create mode the place autosaves. This method is what I usually use and it works.