Unknown error when I try to make groups?

So I am trying to make a group but I keep getting an error . . . all it says is:

Unknown error

And that’s about it, I have no idea why this happens but it does.


Not sure about this exact error. You might just have to wait a few hours before trying.


It might be a problem related with the device or internet connection. I recommend trying again later


Two hours later same things still happening . . . Is this what happens if a name is already taken? Thats my guess lol

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Slightly frustrating how the error isn’t specific. Won’t a separate error tell you that the group name is taken, instead of showing “Unknown error”?

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Agreed, Ill just have to wait til another time

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Im going to report this as a bug, its still happening! 24 hours later!

Um how do I create a bug report??? Cause I dont know lol

You need to message @Bug-Support , since we aren’t Regulars. Make sure to read the Bug Report topic on how to write your bug report!

Hey! Have you fixed it? I am having the same problem rn

I just used a different name. For some reason it just didnt say that the name was taken