Unnecessary Reply’s

Yes, they are doing a good job. I can agree with you on that one. But the unnecessary replies are going to grow. The dev forum is going to have more people soon, and the report system will be like the roblox report system because there will be too many reports on unnecessary replies. But maybe this wont happen because there’s probably plenty people on the moderation team to handle this job.

TL;DR: Tbh, it’s best we just scroll over the unnecessary replies and go on about our day. Same with posts. They’re going to grow, and nothing we can do about it. It’s up to the moderation team to handle that.

…Agree with what? I didn’t say anything that was an opinion.

I never said the old roblox forum was better than this one. I said the dev forum’s early days was so much better since… well, you said it. Lower members and organized. :woman_shrugging:

oh whoops! Lol sorry I responded to the incorrect person!

I liked what post?

Hey, this is starting to get personal. You need to calm down.
You still also need to provide evidence for the “bias” on this forum.

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You just said that you didn’t say that old forum was better:

But then you said it was better:

Ironically, this would be a post to get flagged, these out-front posts should be in the PM’s.

Hey, what I said, bring it to the PM’s. Not a place to argue, ultimately, this is just a thread for constructive feedback, not bombarding people.

@DevRelationsTeam Please take this thread down, it’s getting out of hand.

When you said old forum, I was talking about the forum that was on ROBLOX’s website.

I thought you was talking about that. Not devforum’s early stages.

EDIT: nvm i see what you’re saying!

Old forum I was thinking of the old forum on roblox, and I was saying that the old dev forum was better cause it isn’t transitioning to the old roblox forum. I got confused when you said old forum cause i thought of the roblox one. Yes, I did say I like the dev forum when it was a year back or two. It was more organized and less members.

I got confused! Sorry! Read it wrong.

How was it incorrect? All Roblox Staff on this forum are PAID EMPLOYEES of Roblox. They do not volunteer.

It’s ironic that this thread is called “unnecessary replies” when almost every reply to this thread is unnecessary.

Please think before you reply.


Can you please explain how were my replies unnecessary? I am not trying to be rude, but every reply I made at least explained something or asked someone.

Replies that add nothing other than a sentiment that can be expressed with a like should be flagged as spam. If they add significant additional detail such as why they feel that way or somesuch, that is not considered spam. This information is valuable.

If your flags are not being accepted and you believe that to be in serious error, contact the Community Sage group for help understanding why, or we can raise an issue if there is one.

The majority of replies to this topic are not on-topic. Keep your ranting to yourself instead of derailing topics, or make a respectable topic about the problems you’re having instead.


Locking due to off-topic replies. See topic solution.