[Unofficial] ShortBlox: URL shorters for social media

That’s not how that works. Like, at all.

The GDPR concerns itself specifically with personally-identifiable information (they call it PII for short) and not with general analytics. Only some information is considered PII, including stuff like name, age, gender, home address, email addresses and such things. Note that IP addresses and user agents are not personally-identifiable information under the GDPR.

Furthermore, if you collect this information and aggregate it into analytics, i.e. which countries interact with the service the most, which assets get the most interaction, etc. that information by nature is anonymous and data processors can collect that information to their heart’s content and be perfectly compliant while doing so. CloudFlare themselves only give you anonymous data!

There could possibly be an issue if he required a sign-up with an email address and collected this information on a per-user basis, but even in those cases, he’s allowed to collect the information as long as he provides clear reasons for why he’s collecting that information and has a legal basis and the user’s consent for doing so.

Please learn how the underlying policies work before you make posts asking service providers to shut down their service across the entire EU.


Thanks for this resource, I will definitely be utilising this in the future, especially on twitter so I can make my tweets longer!

Yes, I believe it is pretty easy to get someone’s IP address :slight_smile: Like can’t you use Developer Tools on Google Chrome to find someone’s IP address

Quick guide for copy pasting:

Games: rblx.games/[ID]
DevForum topics: devforum.link/[ID]
DevForum profiles: user.devforum.link/[NAME]
Assets in the Library: rblx.media/[ID]
Groups: rblx.social/[ID]
Users by ID: rblx.name/[ID]
Users by name: user.rblx.name/[NAME]


Small update:

Based on user requests, for all the DevForums folks out there. https://user.devforum.link/railworks2
(Keep your suggestions coming!)

Some things I got planned:

  • Official website (rather than just a redirect)
  • Official browser extension
    (if you got any tips, let me know!)
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I think this is great but say you want to type links much easier. It can be hard to remember even the ID. That’s why I personally use Google Firebase’s dynamic link functions and I can manage multiple domains (such as giyt.page.link and rblx.page.link, these will return a 404 as there’s nothing on the end). I find it easy to manage and then I can share links to games and groups easier and remember them easily too. An example is a link I’ve been created that links to Bloxburg (https://rblx.page.link/Bloxburg). Sadly though, Google offers no way to automatically import links and the links have to be case sensitive as far as I’m aware.

ShortBlox is designed to be saleable without causing too many issues for end users and end creators.

It’s a lovely idea you have but currently it is a hard task to impossible to handle it’ll scale without major platform issues.

As you may know, whatever is at the end of the URL for games or groups (such as “Welcome-to-Bloxburg” in your example) doesn’t matter as whatever is there, it’ll just redirect to the latest name used (as it should be done for various reasons). If I wanted to replicate this, I have a few possible solutions to this

  • Maybe I have a separate subdomain like popular.rblx.game in which I take the top 500? 1000? games on the platforms and automate such a link shortner
  • Using the search function to find the first game of the name? Earliest gameID? Most plays/visitor?
  • Allow popular game devs to have a vanity URL?

Either way, that’s going to requite a bit of resources and maybe that could be better spent on another idea where it’s more saleable and not bias toward larger titles while allowing for accurate usage and minimised misappropriation of the service.

Maybe something like a browser extension would work better where you can just use that and have it do it for you. It’s quite an open solution.


I think a popular.rblx.game feature would be a good idea. If you could somehow figure out a thing to remove the dashes and to maybe remove tags that may be featured in games (such as beta, alpha, update, release).

This is probably a good way of doing it automatically. It would also be interesting if you could do it for groups, plugins and UGC items as well.

I would also suggest that instead of just rblx on the end is that you should add roblox and rbx to it as well in case anybody steals those domains and somebody accidentally mistyped a link and gets their Roblox Security cookie stolen.

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I shall consider such a feature. It’ll sure be a challenge to ensure the best accuracy possible. Providing even a minor mistake such as providing the wrong UGC can cause major issues for the service and the people who use it.

The Roblox.TLD space is pretty much taken with what I wanted here. For the sake of costings and reduced confusion, I’ll be sticking with the current domain schemes and it’s also shorter.