[UNSOLVED] Turning Turrets with CFrames, Welds, or Motor6D's Causes Ship to Flip Over?

Have you tried turning the Motor6D using CurrentAngle, DesiredAngle and MaxVelocity instead of CFraming it?
I didn’t notice if you had in the above posts.

All you’d need to do in your aiming script is to set the DesiredAngle to the point you wanted it aimed to.

I somewhat did. I couldn’t quite figure out how I needed to re-orient the parts so that it would rotate on the correct axis, so I guess my tests for that might not be the most accurate, but (if I remember correctly,) I did see the same results with the ship getting flipped. It might be a solution still, but I’d have to fiddle with it more.

Motor6D’s only rotate one direction when enabled this way.
I usually take 2 Parts that are slightly different sizes (like 1,.8,1 and .8,1,1) so they can be selecte easily, make them Transparency .5 and then weld one to the chassis (in your case the boat) and the other to my steering mechanism. Then if they aren’t rotating in the right axis I just select both Parts at the same time (if you do one at a time it’ll break the Motor6D) and then use the Rotate tool to put them in the direction that’ll get the correct axis.